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      • Product name: SGGZ-4 type 30-100ml oral liquid filling
      • Product ID: 185
      • Added time: 2019/1/13 16:44:27
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      Use and introduction:

      This machine adopts the advanced technology of Germany and is designed by our company's engineering and technical personnel for the filling and threading of oral liquid or syrup. The filling part of this machine can be filled by syringe pump, PLC control, filling precision. High, easy to adjust the filling range, the capping part is sealed with four-knife magnetic torque, the sealing thread is beautiful, and the sealing is firm. The machine is reasonable in design, stable and reliable in operation, easy to operate and maintain, fully in line with GMP requirements, and the machine has the function of no bottle filling, and can be used with our company's bottle feeding machine, bottle washer, tunnel sterilization oven, The light inspection machine and the labeling machine form a production linkage line.

      Technical Parameters:    

      Applicable specifications 20-100ml

      Production capacity 30-50 bottles / min

      Filling head 4

      Rolling head

      Filling accuracy ≤±2%

      Power supply 380V/50Hz

      Rotating (rolling) cover rate ≥99%

      Power 1.2 kw

      Machine net weight 550 kg

      Dimensions 2500*1500*1700mm

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